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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jun 2009

Location: USA

MapFor Wednesday:
Surprisingly, we woke up and were packed and ready to go only 15 minutes later than planned. We are not using alarms. Tracy & I repacked and organized the night before so we wouldn't have to pay a porter to cart our stuff to the van. Scones & muffins at the Saloon turned coffee shop were delicious. Our journey this morning took us to Zion National Park, only a short distance from the Grand Canyon, compartively speaking. Zion was as beautiful as we remembered, but HOT and CROWDED! The tunnels into the park were nothing like I remembered, however. I forged on! The first time we were in Zion, we were nearly by ourselves on the shuttles into the park. This trip, Tracy, Sam, & I left Marmar & Gwynne at a Nature Center picnic area in some shade (95 degrees in the shade), while we took the shuttle to a short hike to the Virgin River. The shuttle was fulll, the whole time, with sweaty, stinky, hikers from all over the world. Sam was able to plunge into the rapids and pools in the river. He discovered the water current was stronger than he was, scaring himself a bit. Not to worry, mother Tracy is lifeguard certified. He managed to get out safely on his own with a few bruises to show off. The swim, hike, shuttle, visit to the Nature Center to read over the Junior Ranger Book, the walk back and forth to the car, and visit to the Visitor's Center to get Sam's badge took 4 hours out of our day of driving. We still had 300 miles to go to SLC, Utah. Gas prices here are still reasonable....$2.50's to $2.60's. Thanks to Nicky Boy, we gorged ourselves with Pei Wei lettuce wraps, spring rolls, hot & sour soup, Oriental chicken nuggets, and shrimp coconut curry. It was only 15 miles to our KOA. We almost didn't have a place to stay as the moron didn't leave a key out for us. Fortunately, there was still someone on the grounds we identified as a KOA worker, and flagged them down. After messing with the computer & Planet Ranger, I think Tracy didn't get to bed until 11ish. We're off to our first Cracker Barrel in the Ogden area and then to Missoula with the banana bikes. Good for Sammy!