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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jun 2009

Location: USA

MapJune 25, 2009 --- Gwynne writing.

This has been an adventure in every way, sometimes frustrating, hilarious, exhilarating and just down right wholesome. Our trip has been focused on showing Tracy and Sammy our favorite sites, through the many years of our travels. We have laughed, joked and spent time telling tales that only we can do in an outlandish way.
I designed a ‘brain quest’, ‘carquest’ game that is for ages 7-12 and we have a ‘shout out’ contest as to who can answer the most questions. Some of the questions are so difficult, however Sam (our 8 year old) has kept up for the most part with his answers. Anyway we wear ourselves out with challenging each other in all sorts of games and quests in the long hours between stops.

White Sands, North Rim of Grand Canyon, Zion and next Glacier Nat’l Park are only the beginning of our six and half week trip to Alaska and back, so stay tuned in for much more. Also you can go see all the exciting pictures on my grandson’s blog and follow flat Sammy….

A brief report on each stop….only Gwynnie memories/focuses
….White Sands, watching Tracy and Jennifer struggling to keep up with Sam who was head to foot in the sand, rolling and wallowing in the hot white sands, sometimes head first on the boogey board, but mostly showing his skills of balance and perseverance in standing, sitting, etc….
….North Rim Grand Canyon, staying in the cabins at the lodge, the chipmunks struggling to get any extra bit of food that people dropped along the way. Driving the tour through the canyon and trying to get out of a terrific wind gust on the edge of the canyon at 8600 feet, trying to breathe. We also met a great guy, Barry, who was on the internet at the same time with us at the grocery store in the canyon…..Hi Barry!! Hope you write to us. He has been an editor to two newspapers and is now traveling in his camper throughout the US, journaling , taking pictures and just having great adventures.
….Zion, beautiful and very hot, Mom and I waiting on Sam, Jennifer and Tracy for four plus hours in the shade at 99 degree weather, with Mom sewing on Sam’s patches, me watching squirrels steal people’s food, and lovers reuniting in all sorts of ways. Mom (85 years old) decided to flirt with an elderly man at the next picnic table who was a NAVY man and his best way to flirt was to come tell Mom jokes that we can’t remember, but laughed anyway, Mom rolling her eyes and would have batted her eye lashes if she had any.