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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jun 2009

Location: Salt Lake City to Missoula, USA

MapA fairly boring drive today, evident from the photos, although today was a day of firsts.....first Cracker Barrel, first day not to visit a park, first Pronghorn Antelopes, first Magpies, first 2-room cabin, first laundry duty. We started the day with a stout breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in Ogden, Utah and took out for Missoula, Montana knowing we had a long day of driving ahead. Music by Loreena McKinnett, Phantom of the Opera, Cold Mountain filled the car for part of the time. Mom played Free Cell on the computer. We ate sandwiches in the car and forged on, stopping only to gas up or take a potty break. Sam has become acquainted with the side of the road in different states, leaving some of his DNA behind. At one time, we feared we would not reach a service station in time to fill the car with gas, so we took off on a side road that displayed a sign for gas. We slowly followed a frightened Pronghorn Antelope trotting & darting from side to side and up the road, showing her fuzzy white backside to us. This was worth the out-of-the-way stop, although since I was driving, I didn't get a picture. You will have to visit Sam's Planetranger at another time to see her. We arrived at our KOA at 6:15 p.m., the first time we were able to utilize some of their facilities 'leisurely'. Sam & Tracy rented and rode banana bikes & swam, while Gwynne & I shopped for groceries, cooked, and washed. Mom stayed behind at the cabin to help reorganize boxes of groceries & the ice chest, weeding out things that were old, stale, or growing fuzz. We enjoyed a taco salad and for dessert all went to the KOA ice cream social to partake in their chocolate ice cream cones....mmmmmm! We have anther adventure tomorrow, taking on the drive on the Going to The Sun road in Glacier National Park. We need our rest for now.