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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Jun 2009

Location: Port Angeles, Olympic Park

MapGwynne here, reporting in on odds and ends.

While Jennifer is cooking juevos rancheros, on her camping stove, mom, laying around trying to rest up as she slept poorly last night, Tracy and Sammy getting ready to get up and atem for the day, I decided to write about things that get left out.

We are camping in KOA's in their cute cabins, since Jennifer and Mom or the original camping twins. We stay in Holiday Inn Express on some days and what a relief that is! The KOA sites are extremely well kept and have all sorts of campers and retired people, families with many children, young married couples camping, and various others, depending on the locations. Some of the KOA's have breakfast and dinner available at cookouts and/or ice cream socials. The one we are at in Port Angeles has a game room, hot tub, heated pool, hayrides on weekends, etc....Sam is figuring it all out as we go along and he has been a delightful grandson on this trip with four women who adore him. He is always trying to 'man up' as it is important for him to keep fit and ready for his athletics when he gets home (soccer and basketball). He has been willing to try to eat new things and seems adaptable up to a point. He works on his junior ranger badges in between playing games and listening to his I Pod as well as singing to the music being played in the car. We have all been singing the words to Mama Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, etc....He is definitely into his acting mode. He gets it honestly as we watch his mom, Tracy, bounce around in and out of the car pretending she is taking pics for National Geographic...I would love to have a movie of her 'taking pictures with her new camera'. You can enjoy her picture taking ability on

Jennifer is the veteran driver and only gives us problems when going over be the great explorer and pioneer that she is, she amazes me with her fear of water and bridges, while I am always afraid we are going to fall off of a mountain at 5,000 plus feet with a 2 ft. shoulder.

We are headed to the Rain Forest today and then to La Push which is on the Pacific Ocean and one of the most outstanding sites, one of my favorites. We will have to stop by the local Walmart for grins! Tomorrow we head on to Victoria BC and catch the 12:30 pm ferry for a jaunt, while playing Rummy. I will try to report in later.