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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2009

Location: Olympic NP

MapFor Monday:
Camp cooked Juevos Rancheros & bacon with coffee & hot chocolate w/ whipped cream were the order for breakfast. We don't have too many mornings where we don't have to scurry around to pack up to get to our next destination. It was nice to relax a bit and enjoy the site. Our plans today included a visit to a 2nd and 3rd ecosystem in Olympic National Park after visiting our 1st yesterday at Hurricane Ridge (the Alpine section). Today we would visit the Rainforest and the Oceanside,leaving Marmar Jane back at the cabin where she could rest & sew on Sam's patches.....this is what she WANTED. The expanse of the park differs from most as it is divided up along the Olympic Peninisula. We traveled 70 miles (one way) from where we were yesterday to get to where we wanted to be today. Our goal was to get Sammy to a Ranger talk and walk/hike at the same time as both were requirements for his Junior Ranger badge. Because we tend to dilly-dally around, we had to make the later appointment, thus throwing our day into a much later mode. But we thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in Hoh Rainforest, discovering edible plants and indulging in them with the permission of our guide....salmonberries, huckleberries, oxalice. Sam got into it! He, as well as Tracy & I, were very proud of him with this activity. Pictures are visible in our photo albums, but can't possibly describe what we actually saw. In the back of our minds, we hungered for our lunch, now being 3:30. Our travels led us through the town of Forks, WA.....the place about which the book Twighlight was written. We pushed on to the ocean. Here Gwynne & I remembered having some great Fish & Chips. The plan was to eat lunch there, but as it turned out, once again, our lunch became our dinner. The restaurant sat on the oceanside marina with mountainous islands protruding from the water, lending itself for an awesome view.....otters and/or sea lions weaving in and out of the dock. We finally arrived at Rialto Beach, on the Pacific Ocean, filled with driftwood & flat artist's or crafter's paradise. Unfortunately, we were unable to take these things from the park w/o doing some jailtime. The sea-breeze was cold enough for a jacket. The waves were much bigger than I remembered. But the sky was clear & sunny, unusual for this area as I remember. We had a long drive back, before stopping at WalMart. Our grocery list grew shorter as we entered the store, only to find out that it was not a Super WalMart that we were used to. Guess we will have to find a Safeway tomorrow. Back at camp, we found Marmar Jane rested and still in her housecoat. All to bed a bit earlier than the norm. Tomorrow we will hop on a ferry to Victoria, BC.