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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2009

Location: Port Angeles to Victoria, BC, Canada

MapJennifer wrote and Gwynne in parenthesis edited:

The morning started with a trip into town for me to visit Bank of America when they opened AND to get a few things at Safeway we were unable to get at the small WalMart we visited yesterday. We were expected to be in line at the BC Ferries between 10 and 11 a.m. to catch a 12:45 ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island. All had agendas. Tracy & Sam walked to the doughnut shop & t-shirt shop down the road, Gwynne ate breakfast at the restaurant on the dock, I paid bills by phone as phones are turned off while in Canada, and Mom was sewing patches on Sam's jacket, which is a never-ending process.

(While waiting on the ferry to leave, Jennifer and Tracy noticed a family that they had hiked with, from Kentucky and struck up some interesting conversation with them....while running back and forth to the waterfront to take pictures of a huge sea star clinging to a rock and a huge racoon waiting to be fed by all the ferry passengers...picture is available.)
We utilized Mom's handicap sticker upon checking in and they accommodated her by wheeling her up the foot passenger ramp while we drove on. Sam escorted her.
(They took mom about 30 minutes before we left so Sam missed the big to do over the racoon and activities around the dock but got to be the responsible MALE on board with Mom. )

We played 3 hands of Rummy on the ferry. While playing, the purser called on the loud speaker for a doctor in the house. We suspect someone was having a heart attack, but never heard the end result.
(We knew it wasn't Mom because she was still playing rummy with us and probably beating us as usual.)

The water, although smooth, rolled side to side due to the tide, so all were having a hard time stabilizing. Passports were checked at both ends of the ride. The Canadians requested Tracy quit taking video from the dock of the Empress and Harbour.

(The coast guard thought she was taking the ley of the land as a terrorist or something.....ya know how determined she gets when she is on a mission.)

Upon exiting, we drove a short distance to James Bay to introduce Sam to High Tea. One order ($16.00) consisted of 2 scones, 2 halves of crumpets, 2 halves of egg salad finger sandwiches, 2 halves of tuna salad finger sandwiches, minced meat mini quiche, lemon curd mini quiche, egg & cheese mini quiche, and a huge tub of freshly clotted cream. Sam substituted p & j as his finger sandwiches, but was a real trooper with testing new foods. A drive through some of the more exclusive neighborhoods on the waterfront and a view of the Empress were in order next. We found everything from memory, thanks to Gwynne. I didin't remember anything from trips past, except a general idea of where Chinatown was. Tracy, Sam, & I parked the car far enough away from the crowded streets and fed the meter for what we thought was a good amount of time for us to walk to Chinatown, shop, and walk back. We took a bit longer than expected. Mom & Gwynne stayed back at the car as the KOA was still a 20 minute drive north.

(I put Mom's cane in front poking out the window so if they saw us in the car, the many street people that is, that they would be afraid. We were scarey enough as it is, but that helped.)

The town is preparing for Canada Day tomorrow, July 1st. This, we think, is like our 4th of July. A firework display is scheduled on the harbour, but that would require us fighting the crowd to drive back to town & find a parking space, when we will be going North to the Native American village and sample their foods. A few purchases were made in Chinatown. Sam bought a boy's silk kimono pants/jacket outfit w/ a dragon on the front. Tracy spent a little on trinkets.

(Sam was full of stories about the alley way betwen buidings as he was able to span the alley with his feet and hands, like Spiderman....there was a crazy woman, on drugs or something in one of the stores, so he mimicked her.)

The visit was enjoyable. We headed to KOA, unpacked, washed some clothes, swam, grilled some hamburgers & s'more s'mores,

(Sam is working on his swim badge for Boy Scouts and has managed to do the back stroke for 30 feet with out stopping as well as swim underwater, coming up for air 30 feet.)

We just took advantage of the time at camp we had. Tomorrow will be a bit more laxed, spending more time at camp & preparing to meet up with somemore of the Irizarry Clan.

(We want to wish Hunter and Maria all the happiness in their upcoming small immediate family only, wedding at Sonnenkinder with Jarrett, Kristen and Avery standing by their sides. I am sure all the family will be notified after the wedding....hopefully Maria will send out announcements. We are so excited for them on this July 1st!!! Hope they realize they are marrying on Canada Day.)