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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Jul 2009

Location: Victoria to Anacortes/Bellingh, USA

MapI don't know what it is about those ferry rides, but I am more exhausted by the end of the day than driving 500+ miles. We started on the road 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. Sidney, B.C. was the port from which we took the ferry to Anacortes, WA. To help save time and mess, we chose to eat somewhere after getting started, so we stuck with our Starbuck's and local bakery which was delicious. The ease in which we have been getting in and off the ferries, including checking in with customs on both sides, surprises me. I guess I should knock on wood because our longest ferry ride (3 nights) begins tomorrow, but it does not require going from one country to another. We now have 2 additional passengers. After dropping Marmar Jane & Gwynne at Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale, just north of Bellingham, Tracy, Sam, & I drove 100 miles south to Seattle to pick up Joe & Tony in 5:00 downtown traffic. We managed to communicate with them by phone to get them at a 'quick-stop' @ Pike & 2nd Ave. or else we would have been trapped in that awful traffic. The traffic on both sides of the Interstate was backed up. The travel time to and from was approximately 4 hours (plus/minus). We spent some 'catching up' with news time while chowing down on some Pannini and Pizza's in the Casino restaurant. All are tired and going to bed so we can get up and gamble early. We don't have to check out until after noon tomorrow.....AND we get a free HOT breakfast.