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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Jul 2009

Location: Skagway to Denali, USA

MapDue to WiFi connection problems, we have been unable to post much and we are behind. Needless to say, I'm sure some of the stories in the forthcoming days/weeks may be delayed reactions as we have a hard time remembering what has transpired from the last time we posted as well as which pictures have yet to be posted. It becomes a bit overwhelming. So....please bear with us. The past couple of days have been more about being on the road through Dawson City in the Yukon to Top of the World Highway to Denali. We are presently in a mobile home unit with full amenities for 2 nights. We have listened to Neil Young, Al Green, Barry White, Michael Jackson, a Tony Mix, Chicago, Moody Blues, Alyson Kraus (?) & Robert Plant, America, Sting, and some others as we took turns napping in the car (not me, I'm the driver). Picture 7 people with 7 so called 'suitcases', ice chests, food boxes, and groceries from Fairbanks. For the last 100 miles we were in very cramped quarters. However, we saw 3 moose, one of which was a Bull, while traveling yesterday, along with a porcupine. This lifted spirits on our long drive...reignited our hopes of wildlife in this hotter than usual climate. We shall post more when we return from our shuttle into the park today.