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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Jul 2009

Location: Denali, USA

MapUp at 6:30 to fix pancakes & sausage for the clan. Gwynne was not well so she stayed behind while the remaining 6 of us proceeded to the Wilderness Access Center in Denali National Park to pick up Sam's Junior Ranger Packet and catch the 9:15 a.m. bus through the park all the way to Wonder Lake, the farthest point. The weather took a turn for the better, in my book....rainy, cold, foggy, low clouds. The disadvantage.....we wouldn't be able to see 'the mountain'. On the bus, Sam worked on his packet with Dad, but with my supervision and prodding, while Mom, Tony, Jane, & I scouted animals. Tracy is the winner as far as scouting goes. She spotted all the whales, deer, dolphins, etc. on the ferry and spotted our only Grizzly in Denali as well as a coyote while we were stopped looking at Dall Sheep. Atta Girl, Tracy! The ride was cool, wet, muddy...stopping every hour or so for potty breaks and once to have lunch at Eilsen Visitor Center. The trip took the scheduled 11 hours and Sam was able to finish all of his Junior Ranger requirements except for attending a Ranger led program. This we left for tomorrow morning on the way out, on our way to Anchorage. We will take in the 10 a.m. dog sled demonstration put on by the Park Ranger Headquarters. All were home by 8:30 pm. Gwynne had dinner waiting.....Spaghetti casserole, sesame salad, garlic bread....a welcomed change from the sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cookies we had on our picnic. Tony & Joe will leave us tomorrow night as our adventure continues. Stay tuned.