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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Jul 2009

Location: Ninilchik, USA

MapAt Buzz's Espresso w/ free WiFi and getting a 'buzz' off a skinny vanilla latte. Weather here has been cooler, but foggy/overcast. Yesterday was a day of rest. We woke up late....9:00 a.m. and talked about the day's agenda. Tracy & I came to Buzz's and I was able to catch up on the blog and photo posts as Tracy visited w/ the owners, while Gwynne & Mom & Sam stayed behind to get a late lunch of turkey, dressing, green beans, pea salad, and cranberry sauce ready. Gene (from Colorado and Alaska) was invited and joined us at 2:00 pm. Good fixin's. We played a bit of rummy, but after 4 or 5 hands delayed play, Gene announced he needed to get work done and so......the game was postponed. Tracy, Sam, & I took the trash to the local dump and then went by Gene's to pick up a table to start our usual jigsaw puzzle. While gone, Mom & Gwynne tried to nap. Carole & Bob Jones (owners of the properties on the compound) came by and chatted with Mom. Upon our return, Tracy, Sam, & I went to visit with Bob & Carole as they wanted to know what our plans for the 2-week stay were so he could arrange for fishing.....private property on the Kenai for Reds (Sockeye) and charter boat for Halibut for Sam. Bob presented us with a more challenging jigsaw puzzle, and so we began. By bedtime (10:30) we had gotten the straight edges put together. It isn't going to be easy. I hope I don't give up. The puzzle is a picture of thousands & thousands of fish hooks in a pile. They all look alike. Today Gwynne & I plan on going to the Senior Center for Mexican Food day. The rest of the day is open for any suggestions the locals have. We will have internet service while stationed here, but only when we go to the local connections....NOT at the Jones Compound.