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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Jul 2009

Location: USA

MapThe well has run dry! We were w/o running water off and on from Sunday night until early hours of this morning as Bob Jones & crew worked on the pump at the water well. We haven’t heard the latest as we went to bed before they had finished. Needless to say, Tracy has been running around in a dither not knowing what to do with herself. Anyone who knows Tracy, knows she cannot live w/o water….bath in the a.m., bath in the p.m., always cleaning, washing dishes….she is not in her element. It is now Thursday morning and we have running water at the moment. To cap the events in the meantime….we spend many hours downloading pictures and posts in order to catch up on our blog at either Buzz’s Espresso OR at the Senior Citizen’s Center here in Ninilchik, where we have access to internet. Some hours are dedicated to playing Progressive Rummy, Sam winning his first game in ‘his whole life’. We gave up on the ‘Fish Hook’ puzzle as it became frustrating and was not enjoyable. Currently, we have another one going and it looks possible! Tuesday, we all got in the van and ventured out to the Homer Spit. Our first stop…..Mom’s favorite place….Ulmer’s hardware store. I think we all bought something. We made a swing by Alaska Wildberry store, a smaller version of the one in Anchorage, and bought somemore ‘something’ each. Other stops included a health food store (yes, you heard right), a bakery, a Meadery, Safeway, and of course the ‘Single-My-Ass’ Ice Cream place on the boardwalk for Sam (personal joke). Everyday upon leaving OR arriving we find a cow moose in the neighborhood, often only yards away from the Jones’ Compound. Yesterday, we saw a different cow w/ her calf. We always stay clear of them as they have been known to chase people and they are quite large! Gene has been a great fishing guide. He took Sam & Tracy Monday morning @ 6:30 down to Deep ‘Crick’ (as Gene calls it) to ‘catch and release’ Kings. Yesterday, Tracy, Sam, Gene & I drove to Soldotna to fish the Kenai River for Reds (Sockeye). We were all by ourselves for a while, catching 3 weighing approximately 9 pounds each… each for me, Tracy, & Gene. Gene let Sam land his and we were all very impressed with his ability to handle the fish in such a swift current. The fishing game is a 12 hour affair. We started at 11 and went to bed at 11 after cleaning and vacuum packing. Soldotna is 40 miles away. In that time, however, we also had a halibut dinner, complete with potato salad, sesame salad, and dessert (Angel Food Cake w/ strawberries & whipped cream). The halibut was grilled by Mr. Jones. The salads & cake were provided by Marmar Jane & Da (Gwynne). We made the affair a birthday event for Bob Jones (July 23rd) as we figured he would not be around for any celebration on his birthday. We had to do all our cleaning & packaging at Gene’s in order to have water. Sam enjoyed picking wild Strawberries while we worked. We also enjoyed a shower at Gene’s. We anticipate more fishing in the next week. Tracy & I bought 7-day licenses yesterday. They are good from 1:30 pm. yesterday until 1:30 p.m. July 22nd. We will not be fishing or clamming after that, but rather winding down and packing for the road trip home.