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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Jul 2009

Location: USA

Map Tuesday was a day of fishing.....we began at 10:00 a.m. meeting Bob Jones at the garage...he supplies everything. We were told to bring a lunch & drinks. We were surprised to find that Carole was joining us on the ride to Soldotna, but that she was dropping us off so she could get some shopping done and visit with her daughter. Bob had made arrangements with a 'flex-o-sinker' customer who owns property right on the Kenai River. We were pleased with the set up.....metal grated platform/pier appproximately 50-75 ft in length along the banks of the river. We had to tether Sam to the platform and he had to wear a life vest. Within the first 15 minutes Sam hooked and more importantly, landed the first Sockeye of the day. Ten Sockeyes later (3 donated by the property owner) and 4 hours after arriving, we were picked up by Carole and spent the next 4 hours cleaning, filleting, packaging, dumping guts on the beach with the eagles and gulls, stopped for a few minutes to grab a bite to eat and then helped the Jones's make 25 'flex-o-sinkers' (a patented business of theirs). This was not only a learning experience for Tracy and I, but also in payment for letting us fish on the pier. Then it was off to bed by 11.
Today, Saturday, it has rained off and on all day, the high was 60 degrees. It was a day of rest as will be tomorrow. We had to vacate the premisis in order for one of the Jones's daughters to clean the cabin. We ate lunch and left for Soldotna and Kenai. Our aim......3:30 showing of the new Harry Potter movie. Not a fancy set-up, but was a Regal Cinema and we all enjoyed the movie w/ popcorn & drink thanks to Marmar Jane. We shopped for more groceries (can't believe it). Our plan is to fish for Sockeyes at the same spot one more time, Tuesday, and freeze & pack all our fish/rhubarb/clams and ship them home via FedEx. We'll keep you posted. Gwynne's computer is being serviced as it is out of commission. Please be patient as we are borrowing from Gene (our other fishing guide). A few pictures have been posted.