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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Jul 2009

Location: Ninilchik Alaska, USA

MapGwynne's entry today July 23-----When the mice are away the big cat will play!

I must say that Tracy and Sam deserve a medal in keeping up with Jennifer and her ability to keep up with the 'Jones', Bob to be his 70's and looks and acts as if he is in his late 40's, keeps in shape, looks the same as he did 30 years ago, etc....Well it fun to watch Sam being the only one who keeps up with him and able to tolerate his schedule.

This has been a fun and relaxing trip to me because I am not going to be disappointed one more time in snagging rather than 'hooking' a salmon.....I have had some unfortunate experiences in that department and Jennifer has the competitive spirit and enjoys the 'hunt'. I am donating her as a ranger, guide, whatever, to whomever bites first in this region....I will come with her to watch, cook and write 'her story', but there is no way I can keep up with her. She also becomes a rag doll at the end of the day....not willing to go there.

We will be leaving early Saturday morning and off to Tok and then to Canada from Sunday night through the next 4 nights (5 total).....Keep up with us on the road anfd in e-mail or on Facebook...see ya there.