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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Jul 2009

Location: USA

MapYesterday up early again, although not at the crack of dawn (don't know when that is around here). We dressed, had breakfast, and headed off to Homer for our Halibut Cove tour. We were to check in at 11:30 and still had some shopping and touring to do on our own. We stopped in Anchor Point where the highway hosts a sign as the most westerly point in North American highway system. We stopped at Ulmer's Hardware store in Homer to get some threads, needles, etc for the girls back home, and then parked the van on the spit to get in an hour or so of shopping before we ate at our traditional fish & chips place on the boardwalk. The menu at the Saltry restaurant at Halibut Cove is quite pricey, although the Fish & Chips in Homer have gone up ($14.75). We opted for dessert in Halibut Cove. We boarded the Danny J watching for the skipper to check us in. We found out soon that the skipper was NOT a male, but actually a female as was her deck hand, both adequate and informative for our tour. There were 31 passengers. Sam wasn't too happy cause he and one other 'underage' had to wear life jackets. The ride takes 45 minutes, but on the way we circled Gull Island. The stinch of bird poop is overwhelming, but the view is awesome IF you're into that sort of thing. I always enjoy looking for Puffins. Cormorants, Seagulls, and other water birds were among those nesting. We were to be in Halibut Cove from 1:30 until 4 pm. Other than eating at their restaurant, visiting the 2 art galleries, and hiking, there isn't a whole lot to do during that time. We had an hour to spare after we had done it all. My favorite part of this is always visiting Diana Tillion's (sp?) studio. She and her husband own most of Halibut Cove and have lived here for 57 years. She does her artwork with the ink she personally extracts from the belly of the Octopus she finds on the beach during a minus tide in Halibut Cove. She is now 81 and her stories are interesting, although she DID repeat herself several times. We got back to Homer around 4:45 and finished shopping. We were excited to be there while Captain Jonathan from the Deadliest Catch's "Time Bandit" (Discovery Channel) was at the store signing autographs and getting pictures taken with fans. We finished off the trip by shopping for yet more groceries at Safeway and picking up a fish box in order to ship our salmon home.
Today, Friday, was a day to spend organizing, packing, blogging, shopping in the Ninilchik shops, staying close to home. We slept in......what a great feeling. I think all but Marmar jane woke up at 9:00 or later. We had a slow breakfast and discussed the menu of our roadtrip. Gwynne went to the Buzz to blog and check emails while Tracy & I went shopping for the unusual. Mom & Sam stayed behind (Sam watched many episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants). In the Russian Village gift shop, Tracy found a treasure (or 2). The lady who owns (or runs) the shop had some Tlingit handcarved wood wall hangings (masks) and rattles. She was making some really good deals indicating she could not keep them through the winter and into the next summer as she gets rid of all the 'old' stock. Tracy had Joe in mind as she made her purchaces. Happy Birthday Joe! We took a walk down the beach during low tide and gathered beautiful rocks and driftwood to cart home. Where will we put them? We drove to the church for a photo op and skidadled home for a late lunch of leftover vegetable soup (thank you Marmar Jane). We sit at Buzz's for our 10th cup of Latte here in Ninilchik. Next post will be on the road wherever we get service.