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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Jul 2009

Location: Canada

MapWe had a great ‘last supper’ with Bob Jones, Gene, and our clan back at base camp….meat loaf, coleslaw, crescent rolls, & pecan pie. These are all the things we had left to cook. Leftovers were divied up to Bob and Gene, then Gene got all our uncooked leftovers such as produce, rice, sugars, etc. Tracy, Bob, and I packed two boxes of fish and off Tracy & I went to Tanner’s to have the boxes weighed, stored in the freezer, then shipped on Monday. One box filled with all salmon & a couple of bags of clams weighed 47 pounds. The smaller box contained more salmon, a couple of bags of clams, Mom’s Rhubarb, and some halibut. It weighed 42 pounds. Hopefully all will go well with shipping and receiving as we will be in Canada during that time. When we returned to the compound we found Bob supervising Sam as he rode the 4-wheeler solo. Gene gave the van a ‘once-over’. All seemed well accept for adding a couple of pounds of air to the tires. After visiting with Gene for a while we said our goodbyes and we tried to go to sleep by 10. I think Mom was the only one who actually got any sleep on our last night. As we all woke at 4:45 preparing to leave by 5, I told Mom she may have to drive. Never fear, I was only joking. We left around 5:20 and headed for the Buzz for a cup of coffee. Gwynne got a Diet Pepsi. Our first stop on the road would be The Moose Is Loose Bakery for a quick cinnamon roll or apple fritter. We had planned on stopping in Anchorage for a Salmon Quesadilla from the Saturday Market, thinking that would hold us over until later in the day. However, after stopping at WalMart for souveniers and Fred Meyers for groceries for the road (i.e. sandwich stuffs, snacks, fruits, milk, cereals, etc.), we felt we didn’t have the time to dilly-dally, and so… we went. The drive took us by Matanuska Glacier, easily visible from the road and the restaurant we stopped at for lunch. Tok, our final destination, was 328 miles from Anchoarage. Amazingly, we made a 500+ mile trip Saturday without a hitch. Only thing was, we were all exhausted and were in bed by 8:30, with the alarm set for 6:00 a.m.
Today, Sunday we had breakfast at The Grumpy Grizz Café, pancakes for some, bacon & eggs for others. After gassing up we were on the road. The scenery today was beautiful and Tracy took lots of pictures…..3 moose together, unusual cloud formations, mountains, and just before arriving in Teslin, our final destination for the day, 500 miles later, our first bear on the side of the road. Tracy spotted a red fox and we all saw it (except for Sam), but when we turned the car around to try for a shot, he had run away. We are once again, tired, but were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed when we saw our accommodations for the night. As we drove to Cabin 1, an upgrade from our previous motel we had reserved due to lack of beds, our jaws dropped and we looked at each other in amazement. Right out of one of the Log Cabin magazines stood our 2-story log home looking over the Teslin River. Sam was dancing around and jolly. Pictures will follow. We are having a hot dog (although it should be rib-eye steaks). We will wash them down with Cherry Wine. Goodnight!