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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009

Location: On The Road II, USA

MapJust as I remembered......all the places that say they have WiFi, don't! For a breif moment, Tracy was able to post an entry for me night before last before she was booted off the internet. The servers up here are VERY tempramental. We are currently in Prince George, British Columbia...a little closer to urban living, but still far enough away to see wildlife. So we are frantically trying to catch up with posting any pictures we have collected AND fill you in on what we've seen. There are 3 people sharing one laptop. AND we have been arriving at our motel(s) after 6 pm. each evening. After we left our log cabin yesterday morning, we headed for Ft. Nelson, Yukon, another 500 mile day. We have seen fox, tons of moose (including bull moose), 3 buffalo on the side of the road (each separately and 20 miles apart), mountain goats, deer, one bear, and Tracy swears she saw a Lynx, but no one could confirm it. Once she has all her pictures downloaded onto the computer, I will post the best pictures I can. My camera is not the best at clarity and zoom. We have some really good ones of our bear and a bull moose which will be posted asap, depending on service in the days to come. We hope to see more in Jasper & Banff National Parks in Canada, Yellowstone NP, and in Rocky Mountain NP in the upcoming days. We stopped in Watson Lake, Yukon at the 'Sign Forest' where we posted a sign honoring Nick's 14th birthday back in 2001. I walked right to it....AGAIN! This forest changes yearly, new posts and thousands of signs posted each year. Tracy & Sam were able to post a sign in the Irizarry name they too will be able to revisit. It is currently adjacent to the highway. We shall see how long that lasts! We strained our eyes looking for more bears in the next 100 miles or so, knowing Liard Hot Springs is noted for its bear attacks on record. We ventured 1/4 mile down the boardwalk....Sam, Tracy, & I. We got our fill after 30 minutes of VERY hot water, biting mosquitos, algae flies, and sulphur smell and sprinted back to the van. Our motel that night in Ft. Nelson was very nice, similar to any Quality Inn or the like. However, THEIR continental breakfast starts at 4 a.m. and goes through 7 a.m., coffee and muffins only. We opted to eat dinner last night in the hotels adjacent restaurant...Caesar salad, chicken strips, Oriental stir fry, mussels in cream sauce covers the gamut. Mom stayed in the room for cereal, resting from the drive.
Today, Tuesday, we drove another 500 miles passing down the lower part of the Alaska Highway at the Dawson Creek terminus. We stopped at Shepherd's Inn for lunch. I ate breakfast. Some of the unusual.....bannock and borscht. We turned off shy of Dawson Creek in order to head to Prince George in the direction of Jasper & Banff. Although the drive was free of wildlife today and very uneventful, we got through it w/ little or no complaining. Tomorrow and the next couple of days will be shorter drives so we can build up our momentum for the lower 48.