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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Aug 2009

Location: On the Road V, USA

MapToday was a long driving day. We started with a Continental Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express and packed up to head out by 8:45. We had 575 miles to drive to Carlsbad and try to make it in time for the bat flight at the caverns. Stops only included potty breaks and gassing up, sometimes killing 2 birds with one stone. We even got a Blimpie sandwich at one of our gas stations. We dropped Gwynne off at the Comfort Inn on the way into Carlsbad while Marmar Jane committed to taking in the Bat flight at 7:30. We listened to the Ranger talk prior to their exit out of the cave. They came in droves which lasted longer than I had remembered from times visited in the past. It is always interesting and amazing, these things of Mother Nature. We grabbed a late Wendy's hamburger on the way back to the hotel and now prepare for an early rise in the a.m. Sam, Tracy, and I will go back to take a tour of the caverns and help Sam earn his last Junior Ranger patch of the trip. He has been a real sport through the duration, taking on these tasks at the National Parks. It will be a memorable trip for us all.
This will be my last post as we will not have access to internet while in Alpine tomorrow night. We still have many pictures that have not been posted, but we have done the best we can with the services we've been provided while on the road. I will attempt to add them when I return home as I hate to leave the blog incomplete. It has been a 'hell of a ride' but we will all enjoy getting back into the swing of things AND coming home to get some rest.