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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Nov 2009

MapIt's time to move on to another adventure. But before doing so, we felt the need to save our intro for our summer excursion as it would be lost forever with our new one.
"Join us on our adventure! This year we will travel to Alaska in "Marmar" Jane's conversion van with 5 passengers (Jane, Gwynne, Jennifer, Tracy, and Sam) until we get to Seattle. In Seattle we will pick up 2 more....Joe & Tony. The Columbia Ferry will take us through the inside passage to Skagway, Alaska. From there we will sightsee until July 10th before dropping Joe & Tony off at the Anchorage airport. The journey will continue on to Ninilchik, on the Kenai Peninsula, where we will stay for 2 weeks. Our return trip will consist of driving the Alaska Highway (Eastern route) and to the lower 48, sightseeing all the way! We have planned this trip since our last one, making reservations beginning in the fall of 2008! Read our daily log and view our photo pages as we travel. You won't be sorry!"