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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Nov 2009

Map Over the year(s), I have sent Gwynne emails I've received from Inn of the Mountain Gods in New Mexico. I must have signed up for them sometime or another, dreaming that I would be able to go there one day. We have passed that way before, traveling through New Mexico, staying in Alamogordo, on one of our trips to Alaska. It has always stuck with me. The scenery on that mountain road, the enticing signs to the resort & casino, kept luring me back to visit her. This week, I forwarded my email from Inn of the Mountain Gods to Gwynne, as I have always done. I didn't ever expect to get anything back, but this time she picked up the ball and ran. She must have mentioned it to Courtney & David. It wasn't two days later, I received a phone call that reservations had been made, the van was ours to use, and we were already making the plans for a trip to this heavenly place.
We will leave early in the morning the day after Christmas, drive all day to get there, and return the same route January 30th. Except for the kids, all will partake in the gambling, although some are more addicted than others. We won't mention any names. Courtney, David, Caty, and Colin will snow ski in Ruidoso, while Gwynne, Carolyn, and I stay behind and cook or put our feet up and sip on a hot-toddie. No matter the inclination, the idea is to relax and enjoy life for these few days. I can't wait!