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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Dec 2009

MapLeft S.A. at 5:30, only because Taco Cabana & McDonald's were not open the day after Christmas at that time. We settled for Jack in the Box where only 2 employees were working. We sat in line for quite some time while they cooked up the orders for the two cars in front of us and our load as well. We stopped near Kerrville for a potty break, Sonora for gas, Ft. Stockton for gas and sandwich dressings, Pecos for a potty break and finally Ruidoso, N.M. by 3:30 pm (2:30 their time). This is a great 10-hour drive in our eyes. We listened to music: Susan Boyle, Enya, Andrea Bocelli, Moody Blues, Supertramp, just to name a few. In Pecos, Gwynne got out the Trivial Pursuit. I sat back and listened as I knew David would whoop our ass. After a while of this 'Entertainement' version, the crowd tired of the questions and so......Courtney got out her 'Loaded Questions'. Can you believe we played it all the way from 30 minutes outside of Pecos, TX until we got to Ruidoso.....very interesting....the things we learn about other people with their replies. When we approached Ruidoso from Roswell, we started noticing ice clumps on the road from 18-wheelers (we summized). As we got closer to Ruidoso, snow patches appeared. When we arrived, there was about 4" of snow....enough to make a snowman and have a snowball fight. It is 28 degrees.....more snow expected Tuesday.
As we speak, Gwynne crochets a scarf, Colin eats cheese crackers & hot chocolate in front of the T.V., while I write and load pictures. Courtney & David are with Caty at Walmart doing the necessary shopping until morning. They will come back to pick up Colin so they can all go pick up their skis and boots they ordered (I assume to rent) as David has a size 16 foot and you can't find boots for that size foot just anywhere. Enjoy the photos of our snow. You'd think we'd never seen it before!
p.s. We failed to mention that Carolyn was not able to join us this trip as she is helping with her mom. We will miss you Carolyn!