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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Dec 2009

MapFirst to bed, first to rise....11 hours sleep, thanks to Tylenol pm and a couple of glasses of wine. The altitude may have something to do with it too. Today, the plan is for the Mayer family to take the van up the mountain as they discovered yesterday, after visiting town and picking up their ski gear, they no longer provide shuttles. Gwynne and I will stay back and have a day of leisure, along with Jean Pierre and Lola, until we decide to dress for the Inn of the Mountain Gods for gambling. There is a shuttle that stops here in front of our cabin to take us to the Inn. It is $1 round trip. That is one less dollar I will have for gambling, so now, I guess I will only have $19! Ha! We will provide an evening report, complete with pictures hopefully.