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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Dec 2009

MapMost arose late this a.m., but we quickly kicked into gear, 2 of us opting to spend the day at the Casino, the remainder driving up the mountain (about an hour's drive) to spend the day skiing. While I enjoyed the few short moments of gambling the penny slots, the major part of the day was spent in the beautiful lobby of Inn of the Mountain Gods reading, then finishing, the book I was reading. Gwynne gambled, non-stop, except for a quick lunch break....sandwiches at the sports bar & grill. She faired well, winning about $150. I'm impressed with the scenery and cleanliness of the Inn and Ruidoso, itself. The Mayers said the snow on the mountain was the best they'd ever seen in all their skiing experiences. The got a full day of skiing in, called us at the casino around 6 to pick us up. The plan tomorrow is to spend only 1/2-day up the mountain skiing so we can visit the town and the Mayers can visit the Casino.