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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Dec 2009

MapColin here:
Hay all 3 people reading this blog;) just wanted to udate on the Mayer day well I got up at about 5 the first day thinking what the heck is going on and then sleeping most of the ride threw. The next day (yesterday) was pretty fun, getting my ski legs back, falling my butt most of the time :) then once I got ok I went on the sirra bonka trail sliding on my butt down the blue part of the trail then pulling my body down the flat part nearly killing my self. Then when I got to the bottom of the mountain turns out I have altutuid sickness with a splitting head ach and barfing up my burger that we had to wait an hour in line to get (we learned to come to the ski mountain on a full stomach) then feeling a bit better but still with a headach and having my mom force wter down my throat but woke up feeling a bit better. Then today we woke up to go to a half day of sking which I was much better at and Caty was the best in the family zooming down the mountain. Then once we got home grandma Da and Aunt Jennifer went shopping and gambling while mom and dad slept and me and Caty stayed up and watched a Myth Busters marathon and now my mom is rushing me off the computer so we can go shopping and gambling got to go get dressed peace out