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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009

MapWoke at 6:45 to find a new layer of snow on everything outside. No one on snow watch woke me up to tell me! That just proves, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Ha! It is snowing as we speak, the Mayers on a walk (minus Colin) to take it all in. Roads will have to be cleared before they can venture out to the slopes OR we can venture out to the casino.....guess we'll be getting a late start this a.m. Oh well, we ARE on vacation afterall. Pictures of the early morning snow are posted and many more to come, I presume. We have said we will build a snowman. You can bet you will see pictures later. The high today is supposed to be 31 degrees and the news showed more snow showers in the morning.....hope we will be able to get out of here at a reasonable hour......more later.....stay tuned.