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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Map After waking at 6:30 to my natural alarm clock, the others quickly followed suit. Dylan began watching dvds (he's on a Barnyard kick at the moment) while Gwynne and I did our tech thing with the computers, iPhones, iPads, etc. As we played, we enjoyed coffee from our own coffee pot w/ Seattle's Best ground coffee instead of that 'weak' stuff they provide you with in the room. We packed up and drove to the continental breakfast ready to pull out when finished. Breakfast was a nice spread....hard-boiled eggs, bagels and cream cheese, cereals, waffles, muffins, fruit, juices, coffee, milk. We opted for cereal while Gwynne drank juice. We gassed up in Pecos, expecting to find a stand somewhere that sold cantaloupe on the side of the go.
The trip from Fort Stockton to Whites City was a short one. We left around 8:30, gained an hour, so got to the caverns around 10:45 (11:45 your time) with only a few short stops. Gwynne bought her senior pass to the National Parks for $10, which allowed us all in and down the elevator. Even so, Dylan & I left Gwynne behind after we did as much of the Junior Ranger packet as we could before being the only occupants of the elevator besides the operator. (It was not so on the return trip.) We hiked up and down the Big Room trail, completing the 1-mile round trip 'short cut'. I must say, Dylan was a trouper today. He 'really' enjoyed earning his Junior Ranger badge and he 'wanted' to walk the trail.
At the moment, Dylan is taking his daily nap with a promise to go swimming (ugh!) and the bat flight later. Gwynne is playing 'Draw Something' with Judy, Tracy, Carolyn, Courtney, Debbie, and Cynthia. I am, of course, assigned to Planet Ranger.
A report of the bat flight w/ pictures will follow in the morning. (Jennifer)