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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 May 2012

MapDylan had a bout of stomach cramping after our last posting, almost convincing us to take him to the nearest hospital. And believe me, after a solid crying spell and holding his tummy, I would have. However, we brainstormed together, Gwynne and I, questioned Dylan as to his pains, and determined he just needed to take a nice long visit to the bathroom. And so the fun continued on…..Dylan and I took our daily swim. He completed an activity in his notebook, giving him ‘3 in a row’ for his tic-tac-toe, thus earning a surprise for the day…..a Cars Pez. He’s an awesome kid!
We pulled out at 7 p.m. heading for the bat flight program, leaving Gwynne behind to tend to her June Astro forecast. Dylan watched patiently and sat quietly while the Ranger did his thing until the bats started their ascent. The numbers were not so impressive, but we still enjoyed it just the same. (Jennifer)