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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Location: USA

MapAfter a long day of uneventful travel, we pulled into Durango around 7:00, gassed up, traversed Main Ave. in search of our motel, and now prepare for our slumber.
We left Whites City after a ‘so-called’ continental breakfast consisting of a pre-wrapped muffin and juice….no other choices. We were spoiled after the spread at Fort Stockton. We set out at 8:10 in search of an extension cord, finally finding one at Sutherlands in Carlsbad. Dylan was able to ‘plug-into’ the AC outlet in Gwynne’s car in order to watch his videos. Believe me, after a day like today, that video player was a life-saver….even if we had to change it 15 times to appease him.
The biggest excitement of the day: first animal sighting, good Mexican food, and scenic drive. We stopped in Roswell at Walmart to fill a list we had compiled of necessities. Between Roswell and Vaughn, NM we saw our first and lone Pronghorn. I had just begun crocheting an afghan with the yarn I had purchased at Walmart and looked up just in time to see one at 3:00 (directional lingo). The radio was then turned off and the search for more ensued……no luck. Our first Magpie was spotted between Pagosa Springs and Durango.
We changed our route today and instead of going through Albuequerque (where we would have had our favorite Mexican food at El Pinto), we went through Santa Fe taking a chance on something new. Bingo! The experience was one we will remember. The waiter’s helper came to our table with a cart and prepared guacamole from scratch with anything we wanted (i.e. tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc) in a Mocajete…..delicious with fresh corn tortilla chips. Gwynne had Chile Relleno, I had a shredded pork dish, and I made Dylan a bean & cheese taco from my plate. Gwynne bought dessert for us….sopapillas w/ honey….yummmmmm!
North of Sante Fe, the drive is marked as a ‘red-ribbon’ scenic drive. It was very pretty, but slow movin’ (i.e. 55-60 instead of 75-80). New Mexico is noted for its slower speed limits even on the interstates. In one area, the roadside was still lined with glass insulators on the telephone poles, reminiscent of the past…..don’t know if they were live wires or just leftovers. The fires in Colorado were visible to the north and appeared as a funky looking cloud. We fear we may run into it tomorrow on our way out.
During the course of the day, Dylan put on his watch Grandma Jane bought him for the trip (digital), and said “It’s one thirty-six.” Which it was! Gwynne and I looked at each other and both said “Right!” in awe. He continued to monitor the time off and on from then until arriving in Durango.
It is our plan to take Dylan to the Silverton train tomorrow morning so he can watch it depart. He LOVES trains. We will update you with the outcome tomorrow. We head for Evanston, Wyoming tomorrow. ‘Til then, goodnight! (Jennifer)