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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapThis will be a short entry after a very long and tiring day. The drive was beautiful. We picked roads off the main highways on purpose and we were rewarded with some beautiful scenery/drives. The bad part is it is slower. We left Durango at 9:10 after getting to the Silverton train just in time to take pictures before and during its departure. Dylan was mesmerized by the whole experience and aunt Gwynne bought him a replica engine that entertained him much of the trip.
On the road shortly after leaving we saw a mountain goat (we think) on the first mountain pass we went through. We saw several deer, along with thousands of prairie dogs/gofers.
We went through Dinosaur, Colorado and took pictures of various dinosaurs since we didn't get to go to Dinosaur National Monument (closed too early).
We arrived in Evanston, Wy at 8:30 and will drive through Yellowstone on our way to Bozeman, Montana tomorrow. (Jennifer)