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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Jun 2012

Location: Evanston Wyoming, USA

MapThis has been a beautiful and long days drive, but after a good nights sleep which is always possible on these trips, we are ready to hit the road again, headed for Yellowstone and onward ho to Bozeman Montana, our last night in the good old lower 48. We love this connection to the great Northwest and see so many exciting new things everytime we come. We expected to see fires but very few were noticeable if any! I have to say after dragging most of our kids/grandkids along on this trip, this grand nephew of mine is the 'grandest'....At 4 1/2, he watches the time for us, looks at our locations on the maps and watches for the next stop, gets involved with the ranger badges on his own and is very verbal with his feelings and thoughts....I feel like I am traveling with an old wise man who still speaks as a child. Dylan is a joy to be with and very humourous.

Driving through extensive lands with beautiful sites, nothing but ranches or farms makes me appreciative of the preservation of our natural resources in the USA....people are polite, helpful, friendly and this is a humbling experience in such an expansive country! We all should be proud no matter what our political disposition.....our country is about more than that. (Gwynne)