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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapIt has been a whirlwind of driving, scenery, storms, wild life and riding the road with Mr. Dylan (our 4 year old wizard)....Yesterday, he said our of nowhere about us making choices and decisions, "Let's take a vote guys". He is hilarious and 90% of the time in a typical creative boy's temperment....when he is angry (due to no naps or too much stimulation) he gets wild reminding me of a man I use to be married to so I tell him, "I'm not going through that again."....Anyway we have a ball and today we are headed for Canada and will see all the beauty of British Columbia on our way to Alaska, FINALLY! on the 8th. A joy ride for sure, wild life, hail storms, double rainbows, and an exhilarating fresh look at the wild wild west! (Gwynne)