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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Jun 2012

Location: Canada

MapToday was pretty uneventful in the sightseeing category. We just had one goal and that was to get across the Canadian border safely and without incident. We chose this remote entry from past experience, but just like everything else in life, nothing stays the same and you can't 'go back'. The drive was just as beautiful, but the border crossing had changed from a small shack with one person in 2005 to a full-blown operation with multiple booths and many employees. And...things did not run as smoothly either. It turns out the letters Dylan's mom and dad had notarized were missing one stamp on the most important document. We had all our passports in order and fortunately when we were asked to park and go into the building for further investigatioin, the guard was able to contact his mom (my daughter, Audrey). This could have turned out differently. He told us, if we would have shown him 'both' letters (one is for medical attention, the other for travel), there would not have been as big of a fuss. So.....we shall cough over both letters in the future attempts. With that being said, it only took a total of about 10 minutes and we were on our way.
We had multiple deer sightings and saw one wild turkey, of all things, and Canada geese, just to name a few. Gas was $4.09 just before crossing into Canada and we will have to report later about the gas in Canada once I have a chance to make the conversion, both from liters to gallons and from Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars. But that's what I do best....math.
Dylan was scholarly today, requesting to do some work in his notebook. I owe him several surprises for past work done. Today one surprise, I'm sorry to say, was a $1 scratch-off in Missoula, Montana. He scratched the darn thing raw, but only after I made sure he hadn't won anything.
Our friends Pam and John take off today to fly to Anchorage, do the Denali tour by train/tour bus/etc. until we meet up on June 8th in Anchorage.
Tomorrow we travel through Banff and Jasper National Parks, so I guess I'll have to change from my flip-flops to my tennis shoes...ugh! (Jennifer)