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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Jun 2012

Location: Canada

MapToday's drive started at 8:00 Mountain Time and 48 degrees w/ no breakfast w/ the room. We waited two hours until we came to Grand Prairie where we ate at Smitty's, a restaurant similar to Jim's. Dylan spent a "looney" (that's a $2 Canadian coin) for a superhero prize/gumball machine where he was awarded an Iron Man necklace. Prior to reaching Grand Prairie we, once again, visited one of the Provincial parks for a restroom break in an outhouse. may be thinking 'yuk', but the Provinicial parks in Canada far surpass the state parks in the U.S. (or Texas, at least). They are clean, well maintaines. Yikes! Look it up on map...we are far North for goodness sakes.
All the game we saw today was deer. It rained ALL DAY! It was just enough to slow us down, but did not interfere with our driving. Dylan took a 3-hour nap during the drive (Gwynne driving....doing a great job, I might add). We had a couple of stops in our 481 mile drive and arrived in motel room (Ramada Limited) at 5:00 after gassing up, buying wine and deli.
Tomorrow we travel to Teslin. This is in the middle of absolutely nowhere on a huge river. Last time we were there, we called ahead to reserve a room and ended up in a HUGE log cabin house straight out of Better Homes & Gardens. You never know. We have found, in the past, the best food is served in family owned businesses who specialize in anything from soups, to sourdough, to gourmet food. (Jennifer)