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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Jun 2012

Location: Canada

MapWednesday’s Post:
Last night in our motel room, Dylan was intrigued with Dick Poernanke’s building of a rustic log cabin presentation on PBS. He constructed it by hand in a remote area of Alaska in the 60’s on. I had read the book, but to see my grandson take interest in having a log cabin like his great grandma Jane made my heart pitter-patter.
Dylan and I had a light breakfast at Fort Nelson’s Ramada Limited with Chuck, from Kingsville area, and Ricardo, from Costa Rica….two bikers on their way to Cooper’s Landing in Alaska. The temp was 55 degrees, light mist and we departed at 8:40.
We stopped about 40 miles outside of Fort Nelson for a hot cinnamon roll. The place was empty when we arrived, but business was when we left. We even ran into Chuck and Ricardo. The cinnamon rolls were $5 each (that’s Canadian dollars, so they were a little bit more than that in U.S. currency). There was still ice and snow on the sides of the road and edges of the streams and rivers.
The weather was similar to yesterday’s drive, but not raining quite as hard, just constant. We saw 2 cow moose, 1 bull moose, 3 Thinhorn Stone Sheep (related to the Dall), Bison galore, a young bald eagle, and 4 bears, one of which was old and cranky….dang near jumped on the car. Gwynne had to dodge the darn thing to drive away. Pictures will follow, but probably not complete due to camera problems.
Today was a big day for Dylan as he got to hang his sign his aunt Debbie worked on diligently with Dylan, specifically for this trip. The sign forest in Watson Lake, Yukon, has 70,000 signs that have been accumulating since WWII when a homesick army soldier helping build the road posted his sign. Around 2,000 new signs appear every year. Dylan’s will be one of those. It is always a challenge to see where it is when you return, if you return. It was raining, and we needed to locate other signs we had posted in the past, so……………..Memaw went on an adventure looking for the old signs, taking pictures, then returning to the car soaking wet, victorious. We then found the perfect spot for Dylan’s sign, right next to a fixed light, pounded a couple of nails and took some pics. Thanks Aunt Debbie.
Tomorrow (today) we make it across the border, back into the U.S. Wish us luck. (Jennifer)