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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapUp at 5:45 a.m., but a full 8-hour rest.....we packed up and on to Fast Eddy's for breakfast. There must have been a tour bus there cause it was packed and service was slow. We pulled out of Tok, Alaska headed for Anchorage by 8:30. Not far down the road, we saw a cow moose and a calf as they skampered into the pictures. This is the first wildlife I've seen between the two towns in all my visits. We were stopped a couple of times for ten minutes each while roads were being repaired as summer is the only time they can work on them. Permafrost is a real problem with upheaving and there are MANY potholes, but I must say.....since my first trip in 1986, the difference in the road is like night and's hardly a challenge anymore. Each year, during roadwork, construction changes the route slightly to decrease the mileage. The Milepost is our Alcan bible and in it, you can see the 'historical' mileage vs. the current mileage.
The Matanuska glacier always catches our eye and the skies today made the mountain range in the backdrop majestic. Pictures cannot do it justice, so only one will be posted.
We got lost in Palmer, Alaska due to construction and poor signage. We drove approximately 15-20 miles out of our way after a nice young man at a local grocery store told us where we went wrong. Our arrival in Anchorage, needless to say, was delayed. Consequently, we changed our dinner reservations for 5 people to 30 minutes later. We picked up Pam & John Bearor at their hotel at 5:15 and had steak and crab at Sourdough Mining Co. It is right across the street from Alaska Wildberry Factory where they have a giant working chocolate fountain....just like out of Willy Wonka. Dylan was in hog heaven, but we managed to walk out of there without spending a penny.
After rendevousing with the Bearors, we were ready to hit the sack and gear up for tomorrow's sightseeing: Saturday Market, drive of Turnagain Arm, Jade Factory, and Portage Glacier. We will spend the night in a log cabin resort we've had our eyes on for years....Summit Lake...sure to have a happy hour of wine and martinis. (Jennifer)