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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Jun 2012

MapTouring Homer by 11:30 with Pam & John while Gwynne took Dylan to the bakery, Brody Rd to inquire about milking the salmon, to the Ninilchik Library, and the General Store.
Our first stop was a gift shop of a gentleman who makes things from caribou, moose, etc. antlers as well as fossilized walrus, mastadon/mammoth tusks. Pam purchased a pie server....$45. We then proceeded to the western most highway in the United States in Anchor Point, AK. We saw tons of Eagles and watched skidders release a few boats. After Anchor Point, we visited the home and gallery of Alaska artist Norman Lowell. His gallery is a sight to behold and the homestead very interesting.
We still had not made it to Homer, so we got back on the road again. One thing we had to do while spending time in Homer, was to launder some clothes. So, while the clothes were washing, we partook in some wine tasting nearby. The Bear Creek Winery specializes in wines made from different berries/fruits. We spent a few dollars there. Once we put the clothes in the dryers, we decided to get a bite to eat at the boardwalk Halibut on a stick at the Homer Spit. What once cost under $10 now costs $18.75.....geez! We paired that with some fried Pacific Cod and shared the two dishes among the three of us. It was good for them to experience this tradition, but I will probably NOT go back. It was time to fold the dried clothes and so......we made our way back to the Laundymat (run by a Russian family). Our last stops after folding clothes was Safeway and the Meadery. Pam had never tasted Mead. This wine is made with honey from bees plucked from various flavors (macodamian trees, oranges, and others). We did NOT purchase any bottles.
At 4:15 we made our way back home to Ninilchik where we would have halibut in a lemon caper sauce over linguini. I'll report on that later.
The sun is out and it turned out to be a beautiful evening. Tomorrow John plays golf in Soldotna. (Jennifer)