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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jun 2012

MapEveryone woke up late todayÖ.me first @ 8:45Ö.everyone else around 9:15Ö.Woah! We had no agenda today (except for John watching the PGA tournament), but the day went by fast. Gwynne took Dylan to Soldotna shopping while we stayed behind. Pam got a hankeriní for homemade bread in the bread machine, so the mission began. We found a recipe (thanks Mom!), wrote down the list of what we didnít have, and got the wheels rolliní. I had previously talked to BJ to make an appointment for the Bearorís to see the log cabin and chat for a while. As usual, Carole and Bob were gracious hosts and we got a bonus of running into Molly. I had not seen Molly since 1986 when she was a pre-teen. We were there about an hour before dismissing ourselves to get the bread going so it would be ready for dinner (NOT!). Pam and I drove into Ninilchik, but got side-tracked. The Senior Center was having its annual garage sale and we HAD to see what they had. We stopped at the P.O. on the way to check our new P.O. BoxÖ.Gwynne had mail.
We spent a few bucks at the garage sale. It had 3 locationsÖ their garage, in the center itself, and in the gazebo on the highway. We bought DVDís (Veggie Tales, Curious George, and a Chihuahua movie), a neck pillow for Dylan so he could sleep comfortably in the car, a steam engine train, a dinosaur floor puzzle, an Amado Pena framed/matted print, a bucket of horses, Indians & cowboys, a stuffed doggie (to get Dylanís attention away from Pamís Beanie Baby she carries to remind her of her old Cocker Spaniel), and a religious plaque . Afterwards, we called Gene and told him we were 5 minutes away from his house to look at it and its new additions. He is adding a room to the front. It was soon to be 3:45 and we finally made it to the General Store for our necessities and made our way home.
The past few days have been beautiful and the windows have been open except at night. The temperatureís been in the 60ís for the most part (49-50ís during the night).
As I cooked the last supper for the Bearorís and waited for Gene to come to the house to settle the score in Cribbage, I marveled at my grandson playing with other kids and riding in the same 4-wheeler MY kids had ridden in.
Dinner was served at 5:45 and we wait for Gene to show up. Tomorrow after breakfast, the Bearorís depart, heading to Anchorage to spend the night before taking off to go home. They will tour the Native Heritage Center and a salmon derby taking place at Ship Creek. (Jennifer)
p.s. I'm thinking about buying raffle tickets at the Senior Center to take the train with Dylan from Anchorage to Fairbanks and back. Wish me luck (in my decision and my success in winning).