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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012

MapLast night around 9 p.m. we were getting ready for bed while Gwynne washed a few dishes. As she looked up from the kitchen window a momma moose was walking between the window and the car on the boardwalk, not 5 ft. from the house. Gwynne went into Ďbuck feverí mode, shaking and telling us to come look. We spent 30 minutes watching mom and calf run in and out of the woods, spooked by something. Eventually they ran across the road to the neighbors where the dog started chasing the calf. I hope the dog did not prevail.
This morning we all slept in. I got up at 9 and the other two slept until 9:30. Thereís something about the air around here that lulls you to sleep. However, because it is light much of the time, one tends to wake up thinking itís time to get up only to find that it is 3:05, 4:09, 5:15, 6:03, respectively. I may have to invest in a pair of the nightshades sold at the General Store. At least I have weaned myself of my earplugs since Iíve moved upstairs.
The big events of the day: lunch at the Senior Center where Dylan was awarded a leftover Christmas bear (dated 1988) from the garage sale, laundry at the Brody campground spending $20 on washers and dryers, having Gene install our new removable shower head, a visit with Dylan to the Jonesí log cabin so he could compare it to his Lincoln Log construction, and a car wash thanks to Bob Jones and Taylor Barnes (occupant of the two-story).
No big plans tomorrow. Thursday weíre on for clamming (unless weather does not hold up)! (Jennifer)