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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapSet the alarm to wake at 7 so I could enjoy my two cups of coffee before clamming where there are NO bathrooms, if you get my drift. We were to leave at 9:30. The Sonnen girls and Dylan were ready, the neighbors were not. After checking on them and finding they needed to run errands, we went on without them. They had been clamming earlier this week anyway. It was a perfect day….sunny and in the 60’s. We probably dressed too warm. Jackets were left in the car…..better safe than sorry. The wind can come off that water and make for a miserable experience. This time, however, all the conditions were perfect. The only problem was…..there were no dimples. We found one good dimple and both BJ and I dug. He determined that the reason we weren’t finding any was because they were too deep. After walking up and down the beach, we found one clam. I was okay with that, cause I got to show Dylan the end result of digging a hole after plugging it with a rebar stake, stopping the air-flow to the clam, thus stopping it from digging down further.
On our approach to the clamming site, we witnessed hundreds of Bald Eagles. BJ says there are over 500 this year, a good size grouping. Much like moose pictures, mountain pictures, etc., no justice is done unless you see them in person. There will be, however, an abundance of Eagle pictures today as long as we can upload them.
Dylan did very well today. Gwynne was along to walk with him and guide him along, but he was a man’s man and preferred keeping up with Bob. He walked and kept up with us, stopping to dig once in a while. Afterwards, Dylan and I took a nap….his first in the cabin since we’ve been here. (Jennifer)