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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapGot a wake-up call from Etta this morning….returning my call about soccer camp. It turns out, there is only one day left of the camp this coming Monday. They will learn soccer for 30 minutes and then have just playtime with all the kids. This is still worth it…..Gwynne will take Dylan for that hour away from his mundane life to this point. We expect things to liven up for him after the 1st of July.
Last night we lay in bed for 15-30 minutes thinking each other was asleep, facing each other. I opened my eyes to see if Dylan was asleep and his eyes and mine met. We both smiled at each other and Dylan said, “Today was a fun day.” Inside I was smiling and crying at the same time…..out of the mouth of babes. That was followed by “I didn’t fall in the potty at the outhouse. Thank you for saving me.” This made me laugh. Now you may be thinking we have no indoor plumbing. However, we have all the amenities of any home. The outhouses are positioned in all the state parks and along the highway and are very clean….not to worry.
Yesterday was Margaret’s birthday and I failed to remember. I am not a very good friend.
After dumping the trash at the local dump, we headed to Soldotna for a Happy Meal and the Moose is Loose before going to Fred Meyer for Dylan’s soccer ball and yet another surprise from Auntie Gwynne…..a stuffed caribou. She has vowed the ‘surprises’ will be smaller from now on. Dylan is starting to understand he has ‘too many toys’ after reading a book over and over again of the same name.
We saw no signs of a Saturday Market so proceeded to Kenai where I’d seen one by the visitor’s center. We stopped by WalMart for a couple of my necessities and saw the market just as before a few years back….this time a few more booths…..mostly crafts with a few plants and food booths. Gwynne bought some ripe tomatoes for tonight’s dinner and a reindeer hot dog with caramelized onions. Dylan got to play on a seesaw with a little girl for a few minutes.
Gwynne went into Safeway while Dylan & I stayed back in the car to call home. He napped in the car on the way back to Ninilchik as I crocheted on my afghan. Once we reached home, I packed up the ‘pooter’ and headed for The Buzz for the first time this trip. The Bean Freeze is now $5.75, can’t recall what it was in ’09. The uploading was much better, but still not equivalent to that of ‘the big city’.
Upon returning home, it wasn’t long before Gene joined us for a friendly game of cribbage and dinner. So far, Gwynne has won one game and I have won one game. Although Gene said it doesn’t bother him to lose, we feel a since of his defeat….he has said he doesn’t like playing 3-person cribbage, it is meant for 2 players or teams. I guess we will have to wait for Alton to come up in July to satisfy that condition.
The food was good and we love having Gene over to play games and eat. Tomorrow we really have no plans. We will have to wing it. (Jennifer)