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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapWe knew the day was going to be better because the rain stopped in the middle of the night. By mid-day, the sun was trying to peak out from behind the clouds. It was, however, noticeably colder. The high today was 60. Today was my first watering of the plants....all went well.
We did our daily routine of leisurely drinking coffee, checking emails, etc. I fixed myself some scrambled eggs, Dylan a pancake. Today was to be laundry day and from my last experience, I had curbed my dirty clothes labeling (i.e. "Nah....this can be worn one more day."). I got off light, only spending seven-fifty. The whole process takes only an hour....30 minutes for the front-loader (2 regular loads at a time)....30 minutes for the dryer, assuming you don't have a lot of blue jeans or towels.
Gwynne then treated Dylan and I to pizza at Rosco's. Dylan and I shared a 12 inch half cheese and half cheese and Italian sausage, with a basket of onion rings. Gwynne was more creative and built her own with jalapenos, red onions, baked garlic, cheese, bell pepper. In doing so, she paid $20 for her 12 inch pizza. Rosco's is housed in our old favorite Chinese food restaurant, but this menu is promising with Calzones, Meatball sandwiches, Caesar Salad (did someone say Caesar salad?), just to name a few.
We went next door for dessert....our fix of ice cream. For $3.29, Dylan and I had the equivalent of a small carton of Blue Bell Rocky Road....not bad. Gwynne had a Klondike. We rushed home for Gwynne to talk to a client while Dylan and I started on his Alaska Scrapbook.
When Gwynne returned, it was nap time, late as it was....4:00. We have found life to be much easier when all are rested. Gwynne had promised Dylan a drive to Brody to check on the milking process (salmon, not cows) and Gene had called to come over shortly for Gwynne's first lesson in Pinochle. As I write this, I have to read the rules off of Google to give even Gene a boost in remembering how to play. This should be interesting.
Tomorrow is lunch at the Senior Center. Gene has said their Halibut Olympia is to die for and I must try it.