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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapLast night at 2 a.m. someone around here (not on the Jones compound) used a chainsaw to cut some firewood and then threw it in the back of their truck. My window was open so I heard the whole thing clear as day. Gwynne thought it was a moose or bear crying out. She did NOT have her window open. In any case, my clock got messed up when we went to bed, so it said it was 3 a.m. This is only significant for the fact that Gwynne had set her alarm for 7:30 a.m. to get up to talk to a client by 9 a.m. My clock said it was 8:20 and she was sawing logs, so I sprung from my bed to wake her up, then laid back down. My bad?
At 10:15, we loaded up the car with all our iPads and computers and headed to the P.O. to pick up mail, the library to return a dvd, to Brody Bridge to check out the set up, then to the Senior Center to have the infamous Halibut Olympia. This baked dish has mayo/sour cream topped halibut with onions, bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese…..very good as advertised and I’m NOT a fish eater. About 45 minutes before hand we did our web surfing, uploading, etc, while Dylan played games on Gwynne’s iPad. He is an excellent bowler and golfer, in addition to an Angry Bird fanatic.
While at the center, the perpetual garage sale had a roll and a half of bubble wrap and roll of dish packing stretchy sheets that I couldn’t pass up for a small donation. Deidre will be pleased.
We headed home for our afternoon nap. Dylan said he’d play with his dinosaurs (that he got at the Senior Center garage sale table for $1) while I napped, but he gave in and crawled in bed with me for an hour and a half nap. By 3:45, we were getting ready for our first fishing trip with Gene. I had told Gwynne yesterday, we were gonna have to make our own fun since all the rivers were closed to fishing and so we set out to plan a fishing trip to a lake stocked with Rainbow Trout. Gene was all in! None of us had ever been. The Centennial lake was gorgeous and perfect for ‘lil ones. Dylan caught one small Rainbow trout. That was all we could conger up….the rest were so small they just nibbled the bait away….they were too small to take the hook. We threw it back so it could grown up! We fished with eggs and then spinner from 5 to 7 p.m. Dylan was soaking wet, with water in his boots , socks and pants wet. He wanted to stay, so it was hard to get him to leave. We checked out another lake in the same area…..Johnson Lake. It was even more gorgeous and a state park with lots of beautiful camp sites and families enjoying the scenic views. Gwynne and I will venture out with Dylan again on our own at some point.
The sun has been out all day and the temperature cool….in the 60’s with a wind that seems colder. Tomorrow is watering day once again. I think Dylan and I will go have a donut at the bakery in Ninilchik. (Jennifer)