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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapA ho-hum day with nothing in mind to do….”Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” so they say. We woke late, Dylan and I. Gwynne had an early appointment, but we decided to sleep in…..until 10:00 a.m….OH MY! That’s 1:00 p.m. S.A. time. We stayed up until 10 p.m., but fell asleep around 11….so…..11 hours of sleep. This is not a good thing!
Dylan and I were sure to be ready when auntie Gwynne returned from her session. We packed up all the technology to make way to the senior center…...Dylan and I to surf the web (he on Nick Jr., I on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.), Gwynne to eat (today they had barbecue chicken). As I check my emails, I notice my Ebay partner had sent me pictures to post some things online, so…..for the next 1 and ½ hours, I listed on Ebay…..a first for us….remotely! OMG! We all conversed with Helena as she continued to work on her quilt. She’s planning to send it off to the quilter soon.
We drove to Brody bridge and behold….there were 8 workers building the damn for the salmon milking station. I asked them when it would take place and they said around the 15th (of July). As we returned to the main road, we saw our first kitty cat of Alaska….not a favored pet from what we gather. Upon trying to get a shot, we saw what we thought was a black bear. This took us on an adventure down a road we had never traversed. The bear turned out to be an unrooted tree. BUT… the end of the road was Lost Horizons…a home in the woods with two beautiful dogs and a lawn manicured to the hilt. I cannot believe I did not take pictures.
Dylan was a little bugar today! Even though he was an angel at the senior center, I would have sent him home to his mother today if I could after we returned home. He was a monster from hell! He is getting cabin fever. I can’t wait for VBS, clamming, and fishing. HELP! We try to do something every day until then. Gwynne continues to play card games, dominoes, and golf/bowling online, AND he watches dvd’s and plays with toys. But he cannot go outside by himself right now (no one is here but us)….today’s weather was cloudy and 50’s…not conducive to paytime.
Tomorrow we plan on making a trip to Soldotna for groceries and things before the long holiday week. Clamming here will be a nightmare during the 4th of July….the largest minus tide all summer. YIKES! (Jennifer)