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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapMost of the day was spent on the road and in Soldotna/Kenai area. First we dumped the trash. This requires packing up all your garbage and driving up the highway a mile or so to the large bear-proof garbage bins provided by the borough. We stopped by the Moose is Loose where Gwynne bought Dylan a moose hand puppet (I think we may have to forego this caloric tasty morsel in future outings and find an organic substitute.), went by JoAnn's Fabrics for paint, paintbrushes, picture corners for Dylan's scrapbook....while Gwynne stopped in AT&T to see about connections on her iPad.
From Soldotna, we headed for Kenai only 10 miles away. Here we made our stop at WalMart for Mexican Train for Dylan, card games for Dylan.....thanks Grandma Jane, snacks and food for Dylan, while Gwynne got a new microwave for the A-frame, a fishing rod/reel for Dylan, and groceries for the adults (her, Gene when he's our guest, and I).
We treated Dylan to McDonald's chicken nuggets Happy Meal. Gwynne got a drink. I held out for Taco Bell burrito supreme in Soldotna on the way home.
On our ride home, Dylan took a nap in the car, I crocheted, and Gwynne contemplated the reaction of Mercury retrograding with Venus in the 4th house....Just kidding Gwynnie...I love you, mean it.
Once we returned home and unpacked the groceries and goodies, Gene drove up and visited for a while. He played with Dylan and talked to us girls. We are trying to convince him to get movin' with his house plans. He is really disappointed in the fishing this year as well as the past few years. This affects his decision. I've told him to think positive and get a move on! We love this man!
I leave you with Gwynne playing Mexican Train with Dylan as I monitor her Italian concoction on the stove. I shall report in tomorrow about the dish. Tomorrow we plan on driving BACK to Kenai and Soldotna for the Farmer's/Saturday Markets. (Jennifer)