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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Jun 2012

Location: USA

MapThe calm before the was uneventful, but after tomorrow things are livening up. Bob has a group coming in and the minus tides will have us clamming a few days. On the 9th Dylan starts VBS and Claudia Perkins will be joining us for a while off and on until the 25th. Fishing picks up mid July and Alton Grimm will fly in to join Gene's camp.
Today our trip to Soldotna/Kenai was anything but fruitful. I did not find Gene's 'bubbles' for Dylan's fishing pole at Trustworthy Hardware and Fishing. The park in Soldotna did NOT have their Farmer's Market. So, we headed to Kenai's. Taking a different road, we reminiced of past visits, mistakes and discoveries, pros and cons of this route. We stopped for gas. Gas has come down to $4.27 per gallon there, $4.35 in Ninilchik. We hung a left and got to the Visitor's Center for a potty break for Dylan and the Farmer's Market. In the Visitor's Center are many head mounts, stuffed birds, fish, etc. on the wall, so the RR break was the last thing on Dylan's mind. After finally getting to the market, Gwynne got her tomatoes, Dylan got to see-saw again, and I bought Haggen-Daz for the two of us....Gwynne a drumbstick.
We still needed a Safeway for a few things Gwynne had forgotten yesterday. She also wanted to try her hand at a hominy dish Mom used to make growing up.
Dylan got to visit another State Park outhouse on the way home, so he was in hog-heaven. It was on the Kasilof River (a glacial river and fast flowing) and cried because he couldn't go down there.
Gwynne has a hankerin' for some roadside honey and we had seen some on the way down, but unfortunately on the way back, the road we took intercepted past that point. It will have to wait for another trip in.
Gwynne and Dylan took a drive to the Deep Creek State Park beach in search of ideal Puffin painted rock material. They came home with three and Dylan became a master painter as Gwynne supervised. She sits now researching and sketching Puffins from around the area so when they paint the design on these black coated pallets, she is knowledgeable.
Weekends the senior center is closed, so it is then when we usually venture out to find things to do. On weekdays when they are open, our world revolves around them.....lunch, internet usage, Dylan's visit to the Zebra Finch cage. Tomorrow should be interesting. We haven't even discussed an agenda. (Jennifer)