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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Jul 2012

Location: USA

MapThey've opened the rivers up to catch and release (no bait, just lures) and activity around here is picking up. Catch and release singles out the King salmon that swim up Deep Creek to spawn. They can grow to be 50 lb. and people enjoy trying their hand at it even if they cannot keep's good practice they say.
Tomorrow Gene has vowed to take Dylan and I clamming. I felt the Jones camp might be a little full for us to tag along. And Gene was game....bless his heart and soul.
Upon stopping at the P.O., I overheard a gentleman telling the Postmaster he had caught his limit today. He is referring to Reds (Sockeye) in the Kenai or Kasilof River. I have communicated this lead to Gene.
Today we took advantage of the Senior Center, eating lunch (Shepherd's Pie, green beans, salad, rolls, dessert), getting our fill of being online, Dylan playing with a friend "Cody" who also hails from Texas (Ft. Worth). Cody will also be attending VBS with Dylan. They flew styrofoam airplanes the Senior Center gave them, played catch, and played a little soccer. Gene joined us at the Senior Center and continues to coach Gwynne in Pinochle. He is coming over later to help her some more.
We learned an awesome tip today from a senior on how to clean corn on the cob and she demonstrated it. It is very simple. Simply put a full ear of corn (unshucked) into the microwave for 4 minutes. Remove with gloves and cut off about an inch of the end that does NOT have hairs. After you have cut this end off, hold the ear (with your hot pad/mitt) by the hairs and the ear will slip out the other end with not a single string/hair attached. Voila! Here is a demonstration on YouTube: