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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Jul 2012

MapHomer was a nice change. We got there just in time for lunch. We tried a new place….Captain Pattie’s….a recommendation from the owner of The Buzz coffee shop. It was very good, although a bit crowded and cramped for space. I had fried clam strips with fries (which I shared with Dylan). Gwynne had steamed mussels in a coconut curry. Instead of splurging on dessert there, we opted for a chocolate from the Wild Berry Factory. Safeway was our next stop for incidentals to hold us over until our next big city visit. On the way out of town we stopped by the new Time Bandit store so Gwynne could buy a Time Bandit shirt. Auntie Gwynne also bought Dylan two, one to match hers and another he wanted in blue. I’m tellin’ ‘ya, this kid will be one spoiled brat if we stay much longer than September. Of course, no trip is complete without a visit to a state park potty for Dylan.
Gwynne has made a salon appointment for a haircut and pedicure in Anchor Point for next Wednesday afternoon. I shall wait for a report on the pedi part before I commit. Dylan wants his hair buzzed, so that will be happening again before departing Ninilchik in September.
Dylan starts VBS Monday and has already made one friend that will attend. He and Cody are currently playing Angry Birds on Gwynne’s iPad at the Senior Center. We will have to start waking up around 8 a.m. tomorrow in preparation for Dylan’s camp. He thinks he is actually going camping and will have to set up and stay in a tent. I hope he’s not disappointed.
No plans for the weekend, but I’m sure it will involve Gene coming to the house to eat as we like to invite him over when the Senior Center is closed. Claudia comes to visit next week. I haven’t gotten the specifics yet, but we’re sure to have fun. (Jennifer)