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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Jul 2012

Location: USA

MapWe got a call from Alton Friday. He will bring some eggplant and spaghetti squash in his travel bags as most of his clothing is already here in Alaska. He will arrive on the 15th, the beginning of Sockeye fishing.
Not much news for Saturday the 7th. We managed to wake up at 7:45 without alarms in preparation for a week-long bundle of early risings. It was easy yesterday, today not so easy (woke at 8:30). Gwynne had an appointment with Bob Jones to work on the family ancestry. They seem to be making some progress. Gwynne has an assignment to gather some pertinent information to leading them down the right path.
When Gwynne returned to the house, we headed off for Soldotna just because....Moose is Loose, Wells Fargo, Fred Meyers. One the way home, we were going to pick some flowers to press for Dylan's scrapbook, but both Dylan and I decided we'd rather nap. So, that is what we did.
Gwynne cooked pork chops and rice with her infamous salad. I was in heaven.
The Twilight Saga is now complete until November when the latest version comes to the theater.
Saturday and Sunday around here it is harder to post pictures as the S.C. is closed (who, by the way, is hosting a pork barbecue fund raiser along the highway near their building).
Today Gwynne will fix Cornish hens and I will fix greenbean casserole for Gene at 2 (right during prime naptime). I'm sure a lesson in Pinocle is in order. (Jennifer)