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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Jul 2012

Location: USA

MapDylan's first day at camp went well. He didn't seem to be disappointed that they did not set up any tents for camping. He is excited to go to bed so he can wake up and see the plant grow that he planted. His thrill of VBS today was petting the horses and pony upon leaving the Lindeman's property.
We picked flowers for a pressed bouquet and took pictures of said flowers.
Afterwards, we picked up Gene and went to visit the egg lady for a dozen eggs. It was raining, so Dylan did not get to see all the chickens, hares, pigs, etc. We vowed to go back next week for our dozen.
Gene wanted to see the weir at Brodie Bridge, so we revisited for him to investigate. He had heard there were 2 kings in the weir. He did not see any.
Upon taking Gene home, we saw our first Spruce Hen and litter of 4. We took pictures and Gene walked Dylan along the road to investigate. Daddy Bob always liked these birds cause they are so 'stupid' and slow moving to threats.
Tonight Dylan watched a scarey kid's movie and sat there through the whole thing, unafraid, no covered eyes, glued to the t.v. w/o talking or horsing around. We may introduce him next to the Harry Potter series. (Jennifer)
p.s. Our cable has been out.....the culprit....RABBITS...eating the cable.
p.s. 2 I finished my jigsaw puzzle and have already tore it down to make room on the card table for computer work.