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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2012

Location: USA

MapUp at 8:03, Dylan to camp by 9:30, laundry by 10:15, P.O. and Library by 11:30 and back to the house in time for Gwynne to pick Dylan up at 12:30. Today Gwynne had a hair and pedicure appointment in Anchor Point, so Dylan and I took a nice long nap...he for 2 hours, I for 1 hour. Gwynne returned with some groceries she had purchased in Homer prior to her appointment, so we're set for a few more days and won't starve. Tonight we feasted on corn on the cob.
Bob came by to loan me a fishing pole for the season and dropped off an Ancestory log for Gwynne. Gene was scheduled to come by at 5 to play with Gwynne. He shared his latest video of his cow moose and calves. He stands at his window in his house and films them as they eat the foliage. The calves come close to the house, within only a few feet while Gene films. I will try to load it on Planet Ranger, if possible.
Two more days of VBS and Friday is a presentation and lunch. We will take Ghiridelli (sp?) brownies to contribute to the buffet. (Jennifer)