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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Jul 2012

Location: USA

MapDylan's program at VBS was well done....songs, skits, Bible verses, decor, audience participation, prayers...we did not stay for lunch although we did bring a to follow. We opted for hamburgers at a local joint.
The electricity was off as scheduled, but only for 10 minutes. After resuming, and a while later, we noticed the water down to a trickle. "Not again!" we thought. We experienced an outage in 2009 that lasted several days, forcing us to use previously stored water jugs for this type of mishap....thanks to the Jones's preplanning. We withstood the lack of this amenity and were inconveinienced very little. The 2012 event only last a few hours. While we were gone, Gene came to save the day....Bob and Carole were out of restored to normal.
The remainder of the day consisted of naptime, snacks, Harry Potter, Deadliest Catch, Flying Wild Alaska, and back to bed. Today we will venture to Kenai's WalMart. (Jennifer)